Successfully parallel parking

June 13, 2024

Parallel parking is often seen as one of the most difficult maneuvers for new drivers. However, with the right method and a bit of practice, it can become a simple and mastered task. Mastering this skill is essential for effective driving, especially in urban environments where parking space is often limited.


The basics of parallel parking

Parallel parking involves parking your vehicle parallel to the curb, between two other vehicles. It is a useful skill that allows drivers to park confidently, even in narrow streets and dense urban areas. Learning this technique can not only simplify your daily life but also improve your overall confidence as a driver. Additionally, there are other rules to follow, so do not hesitate to visit the Government of Quebec website for more information.


Steps to successfully parallel park

1.  Preparation:

    • Choose a space large enough for your vehicle.
    • Use your turn signals to indicate your intention to other drivers.

2. Alignment:

    • Position yourself parallel to the vehicle in front of the parking space, about one meter away.

3. Maneuver:

      • Reverse while turning the wheel towards the curb.
      • Adjust your trajectory to enter the space.
      • Correct the position of the vehicle to be parallel and centered in the space.

4. Finalization:

    • Ensure the vehicle is straight and close enough to the curb without touching it.
    • Check that your vehicle does not extend into the traffic lane.


Practical tips to improve your technique

Use visual markers, such as mirrors or curb lines, to better understand the space. If you find yourself too far or too close to the curb, do not hesitate to readjust your position. Practicing regularly in different conditions and environments will help you become more comfortable with this maneuver.


Tools and technologies to facilitate parallel parking

Modern vehicles are often equipped with parking aids such as rearview cameras, proximity sensors, and automated parking systems. These technologies can greatly enhance the accuracy and safety of your maneuvers. Learn to use these tools to make parallel parking even simpler and less stressful.


Practice and learning

Regular practice is key to mastering parallel parking. Consider taking additional driving lessons with a professional instructor who can offer personalized advice and help you correct your mistakes. A good driving instructor will provide you with the tools and confidence needed to succeed in this maneuver.



In summary, successfully parallel parking requires practice, patience, and the right techniques. For those seeking professional and personalized guidance, schools like Somerled offer advanced driving courses that can help you perfect your parallel parking. These courses can be an excellent way to master this maneuver and gain confidence behind the wheel.