The probationary driver’s license is an important step in obtaining a regular driver’s license in Quebec, a key document for the autonomy of each individual. At Somerled School, we are committed to providing comprehensive, quality training to all future drivers looking to pass their probationary license exam.

Get your probationary driver’s license in no time at Somerled School

We offer a complete training for obtaining the probationary license. We offer lessons for all driving levels and adapted to all needs. We offer you quality training to help you pass the SAAQ driving test and obtain your probationary licence.

What you will learn for the Probationary Driver’s License

Our training program for the probationary license is designed to give you a complete understanding of the highway safety code in Quebec.

We offer you practical and theoretical lessons to help you improve your driving skills. We teach you how to drive safely by teaching you good driving practices and the rules of the road.

Know everything thanks to our quality theoretical training

We are proud of the quality of our theoretical training for the probationary driving licence. Our courses are designed to be interactive and dynamic, to facilitate learning and understanding of the road safety code. You will cover different topics related to driving, such as:

  • road safety
  • rules of conduct
  • traffic violations
  • the speed limit
  • the different kinds of traffic signs
  • driving rules in the event of heavy traffic or difficult weather conditions
  • the use of seat belts and child restraints
  • awareness of alcohol and drugs while driving

We use modern teaching techniques to ensure that our students understand the important concepts to pass their SAAQ theory exam.

Driving lessons that help you pass your probationary driving license

At Somerled School, we offer practical driving lessons for all levels of experience and for all categories of vehicles. We offer driving lessons for new drivers as well as refresher courses for experienced drivers.

Our driving lessons take place under real driving conditions to equip you with the skills necessary to drive safely and responsibly. We use quality vehicles to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your training.

Our driving lessons focus on road safety, real-world driving practice and emergency management. You will learn to drive while respecting the rules of the road and minimizing the risk of offenses or accidents.

We are proud to help our students obtain their probationary driver’s license and become safe and responsible drivers on the road.

Experienced instructors for training with confidence

Our team of instructors is made up of experienced professionals certified by the SAAQ. They are qualified to teach good driving practices and rules of the road so you can get your probationary license with confidence. They are caring, patient, and ready to answer all your questions.

Our instructors are passionate and motivated to help students become safe, traffic-abiding drivers.


Flexible hours to fit your busy life

We are aware that our students have busy schedules, which is why we offer flexible hours for probationary license training. We offer you options to take practical and theoretical driving lessons online and in person, in the morning, afternoon and evening. We strive to provide you with options so you can find a schedule that works for you.

What is the probationary license in Quebec?

The probationary license is a step before obtaining a regular driver’s license in Quebec. It allows new drivers to learn to drive safely while respecting certain restrictions.

How long is the probationary period?

The probationary period is 24 months for new drivers who hold a learner’s license and who have never had a class 5 license in Quebec.

How can I recover my lost points during my probationary period?

Drivers in probationary period have a capital of 4 points. In the event of loss of points, point recovery training must be completed. This training is offered by driving schools recognized by the SAAQ.

Is it possible to drive alone with a probationary licence?

Yes, drivers on probation have the right to drive alone, without the presence of an accompanying person, as soon as they receive their probationary licence. However, certain restrictions, such as carrying passengers, apply for young drivers under the age of 19.

Do I have to take out special car insurance during my probationary period?

No, drivers on probation are not required to take out special car insurance. However, since young drivers are more at risk of being involved in road accidents, it is recommended to take out all-risk insurance for better coverage.