Effectively preparing for the driving exam at the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) is essential for obtaining your driver’s license. At Somerled Driving School, we offer a tailored program to help you succeed in the SAAQ exam and become a responsible and safe driver. Discover how our unique approach and teaching methods will enable you to approach the exam with confidence.

Methods for succeeding in the SAAQ exam at Somerled Driving School





1 – Initial assessment of skills and knowledge

Upon registration, our experienced instructors evaluate your current driving skills and knowledge. This initial assessment allows us to design a customized program that targets your specific needs and optimally prepares you for the SAAQ exam.


2 – Interactive and in-depth theoretical courses

Our theoretical courses cover all topics required by the SAAQ, such as road rules, signage, defensive driving, and safe behaviors. With interactive teaching methods and visual and multimedia aids, we make the theoretical courses engaging and easy to understand, allowing you to quickly master key concepts.


3 – Theoretical exam simulations

To best prepare you for the SAAQ’s theoretical exam, we offer exam simulations that accurately reproduce the format and content of the official test. These tests allow you to familiarize yourself with the questions and identify areas in which you need to improve before taking the actual exam.


4 – Practical courses focused on essential skills

Our practical courses are designed to help you master the essential skills for passing the SAAQ’s practical exam. Somerled Driving School instructors guide you through real-life driving situations, emphasizing maneuvers and techniques required by the SAAQ, such as parking, turns, stops, and hill starts.


5 – Constructive feedback and personalized follow-up

Throughout your training, our instructors provide you with constructive feedback and personalized follow-up to help you progress and correct your mistakes. They ensure that you are ready to take the SAAQ exam by accompanying you step by step and answering all your questions.


6 – Mental preparation and stress management

Succeeding in the SAAQ exam depends not only on your driving skills but also on your ability to manage stress and stay focused. At Somerled Driving School, we offer tips and techniques to help you approach the exam calmly and with confidence. Our instructors teach you relaxation, breathing, and visualization methods to effectively manage stress and stay focused during the exam.


7 – Review sessions before the exam

Before taking the SAAQ exam, Somerled Driving School organizes review sessions to help you consolidate your knowledge and fine-tune your driving skills. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and designed to boost your self-confidence and maximize your chances of success.


8 – Support during the SAAQ exam

On the day of the SAAQ exam, our team of instructors accompanies and supports you, providing last-minute advice and answering your questions. We are here to help you approach the exam with confidence and calmness, ensuring that you are ready to give your best.


By choosing Somerled Driving School to prepare for the SAAQ exam, you benefit from a tailored program and personalized support to succeed in your theoretical and practical exams. Our unique pedagogical approach and effective teaching methods guarantee an optimal learning experience and a high success rate.

Don’t wait any longer to register at Somerled Driving School and start your preparation for the SAAQ exam. Contact us today to book your spot and begin your journey towards obtaining your driver’s license.