Somerled Driving School, located in Montreal, is your ideal partner for learning to drive and successfully obtaining your driver’s license. With our team of experienced instructors and certified SAAQ driving courses, we guarantee you a pleasant and effective learning experience. By choosing Somerled Driving School, you opt for quality, safety, and professionalism.

SAAQ requirements for driving courses

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) has established specific requirements for driving courses for candidates for Class 5 driver’s license (passenger vehicles). These requirements aim to ensure that new drivers acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to drive safely and responsibly.


Here are the main SAAQ requirements for driving courses to obtain a Class 5 driver’s license:


Road Safety Education Program

Candidates must follow a road safety education program recognized by the SAAQ. This program includes theoretical and practical driving courses.

Theoretical courses

The road safety education program includes 24 hours of theoretical courses divided into several modules. These courses cover topics such as rules of the road, signaling, safe driving behaviors, preventive driving techniques, and risk factors.

Practical courses

The road safety education program also includes 15 hours of practical courses, where candidates learn to drive under the supervision of a certified instructor. Practical lessons must be spread over a minimum period of 4 weeks and include driving sessions on the road, in the city, and on the highway.

Learning period

Candidates must hold a learner’s driver’s license for at least 12 months before taking the SAAQ practical exam. This learning period allows candidates to practice the skills and knowledge acquired during driving courses.

Theoretical exam

Candidates must pass a theoretical exam of the SAAQ, which assesses their knowledge of road rules, signaling, and safe driving behaviors to adopt as a driver.

Practical exam

Finally, candidates must pass the SAAQ practical exam, which assesses their ability to drive safely and responsibly in various road conditions and traffic situations.

Why choose Somerled Driving School?

Certified SAAQ driving courses

Somerled Driving School is recognized by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) to offer driving courses that comply with the standards established by this institution. By registering for our SAAQ driving courses, you are assured of receiving quality training that will adequately prepare you for the SAAQ practical exam.

Experienced and professional instructors

Our team of instructors is composed of professionals whose mission is to offer you a learning experience that is both pleasant and effective. Our instructors are attentive to your needs and adapt to your pace to help you acquire the necessary skills to become a safe and responsible driver.

Modern pedagogical approach

Somerled Driving School uses a modern and interactive pedagogical approach that aims to facilitate your learning. Our theoretical courses are taught by competent trainers and are complemented by visual and multimedia aids to make the learning experience more dynamic and engaging. Practical courses are organized around real driving situations to familiarize you with different road conditions and traffic situations.

Competitive rates and special offers

Somerled Driving School offers competitive rates for its SAAQ driving courses. We also offer promotions and special offers throughout the year to help you save on your training. Feel free to consult our rates page or contact us to learn about current offers.

Personalized customer service

Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction and strives to offer you personalized customer service. We are available to answer your questions and accompany you throughout your learning journey. You can reach us by phone, email, or directly in our premises for any information or reservation request.

How to register for SAAQ driving courses at Somerled Driving School?

Here are the steps to follow to register for SAAQ driving courses at Somerled Driving School:

  • Visit our website on the rates page to obtain detailed information about our SAAQ driving courses and applicable rates.
  • Contact us by phone, email, or by visiting our premises to discuss your needs and availability. Our team will be happy to provide you with information and help you choose the driving course package that best suits you.
  • Schedule an appointment through our online registration form by providing the required information. Don’t forget to indicate your preferences for theoretical and practical driving course schedules.
  • Make the payment for your SAAQ driving course package according to the terms indicated by our team. We accept several payment methods for your convenience, such as credit cards, checks, and bank transfers.

Once your registration and payment are confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details regarding your SAAQ driving courses, including dates, times, and meeting place for practical lessons.

Don’t delay any longer and register today for SAAQ driving courses at Somerled Driving School to increase your chances of success! Somerled Driving School is your ideal choice for SAAQ driving courses in Montreal. Our dedicated team, modern pedagogical approach, and competitive rates make our school an obvious choice for those who want to learn to drive and pass their driver’s license exam.

Book your spot now in one of our courses and take the first step towards your independence on the road!