Car rental for driving exam in Dorval – 1 hour


Receive a coupon to pick up a vehicle for your SAAQ exam, All fees paid and qualified for the exam.

Car parked on site, you go to the SAAQ with the coupon and you are given a car to take the exam. Please note that no appointment is necessary to pick up a car on the SAAQ site. *** IMPORTANT *** Some people come to the SAAQ with an unsuitable car and are refused the driving test. All this leads to a monetary penalty as well as a new deadline for passing the exam.

Car rental at the SAAQ in Dorval. Located at 2350 Boul Hymus, Dorval, QC H9P 1J9. We provide you with a vehicle that meets SAAQ standards to take your practical driver’s license test (Dorval only).

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