Advanced driving improvement course – 1 hour


Would you like to resume driving after a long period? Here is one (1) hour of driving to get you back on track!

One (1) lesson lasting 55 minutes.
You have validated phase 1 and you have a learner's license OR you have validated the 4 phases OR you have obtained the learner's license under the old law and you must pass your practical test OR you have the license but you haven't driven in a while.

Advanced courses are offered to all people who do not feel comfortable driving a vehicle or who simply wish to improve their driving skills. The objective of his courses is therefore to restore your confidence and bring you up to standard. To do this, you will be accompanied by an accredited teacher who will guide you through the best driving practices. The courses are adapted to your personal challenges, whether to better master parallel parking, reduce stress at the wheel, learn to drive on the highway, etc.

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