Best driving school in Quebec: How to find it?

February 12, 2023

Finding a quality driving school in Quebec is essential to obtain solid training and pass your driving test. This is why it is important to choose the right driving school, taking into account very specific criteria. But which ones? In this article, we detail all the points to consider to find the best driving school in Quebec and the methods to use to make the right choice for your driving training.

What are the criteria for choosing the best driving school?

To find the best driving school in Quebec, there are several criteria to take into account.

A renowned driving school

First of all, it is important to check that the school is recognized by the SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) and that it is able to prepare you for the practical and theoretical driving tests. It is also recommended to find out about the quality of the courses offered and the experience of the instructors, in order to ensure that you receive quality training. At Somerled School, our instructors are certified by the SAAQ and have many years of experience.

Tailored lessons

It is advisable to compare the prices offered by the different driving schools in the Montreal area, Laval or any other place in Quebec where you wish to take training. Do not hesitate to ask for opinions and recommendations from people who have already taken training in a driving school, or consult online reviews to get an idea of ​​the quality of the services offered.

A quality vehicle fleet

Finally, it is important to make sure that the driving school chosen has a well-maintained fleet of vehicles suitable for road driving, as well as experienced and professional instructors. Safety is an essential criterion to take into account when choosing a driving school, and it is recommended to favor schools with a good reputation in terms of road safety.

Do not hesitate to find out about the services offered by the driving school (for example, support for registration for exams, advanced advice, etc.), in order to choose the school that will offer you the best service and the best training conditions.


How to search for the best driving school?

Online research

There are several ways to find a driving school in Quebec that meets your needs and expectations. First, you can search online to find driving schools in your area (for example, in Montreal, Laval, or any other place in Quebec). By typing keywords such as “driving school”, “driving lessons” or “driver training” into a search engine, you should get a list of schools offering driver training in your area.

Ask for information directly

It is also recommended to request information from driving schools directly. You can call or email the schools you are interested in for information on courses offered, available times, prices, etc. Do not hesitate to ask all the questions that come to mind in order to get a clear idea of what each school has to offer.

Ask former students for their opinion

You can also ask for opinions and recommendations from people who have already taken training in a driving school in Quebec. Ask them about their experience, their opinion on the quality of teaching and on the services offered by the school. This will allow you to get an idea of the reputation of each school and whether it is recommended or not.

Check online reviews

Finally, you can consult the opinions and testimonials published online by students who have undergone training in a driving school. These reviews can give you an idea of the quality of teaching, the punctuality and availability of instructors, the cleanliness and condition of the vehicles used for practice lessons, etc. Feel free to consider these reviews in your driving school selection process.


Why the Somerled School is the best driving school in Quebec?

Somerled School is one of the best driving schools in Quebec for several reasons.

Excellent results

First of all, the school has an excellent reputation in Montreal and the region, thanks to its high success rate in driving tests and the quality of its teaching.

The Somerled School management team is made up of experienced and passionate professionals, who make every effort to pass on their know-how and passion for driving to their students.

Easy and quality service

Then, the Somerled School is committed to providing quality service to its students, with easy registration and flexible hours to adapt to individual needs.

The school also has a well-maintained vehicle fleet suitable for road driving, with vehicles of different types (car, motorcycle, etc.) to allow students to improve their skills in all types of driving.

Our two concerns: your safety and your success

Finally, the Somerled School makes it a point of honor to road safety and the quality of education. The school offers comprehensive theoretical courses to enable students to fully understand the rules of driving and the dangers of the road, as well as practical courses to gain experience in driving safely. The school is also well located, with premises easily accessible by public transport or by car.

In short, the Somerled School is an excellent option for those who wish to take quality driver training in Quebec. If you are looking for a driving school that offers you professional instruction, a safe approach and quality service, we are an excellent option!


You now have all the elements in hand to make your choice. And if you’re still unsure, here are some tips to help you find the best driving school for you:

  1. Prioritize the criteria that are most important to you: think about what matters most to you and what is most important in your choice of driving school (for example, passing exams, quality of teaching , proximity to your home, price, etc.) and make your choice based on these criteria.
  2. Make a list of all the driving schools you are interested in: write down the strengths and weaknesses of each school, as well as the most important information (e.g. exam pass rate, available times, prices, etc.). This will help you better compare the different schools and make an informed choice.
  3. Ask for additional information: do not hesitate to contact the driving schools that interest you to obtain additional information on their courses, their schedules, their prices, etc. This will allow you to better understand what is offered by each school and to get a clear idea of what is on offer.
  4. Do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals: if you know people working in the field of driving (for example, driving instructors, road safety trainers, etc.), do not hesitate to ask them for their opinion and advice on finding a quality driving school.
  5. Trust your instincts: finally, don’t forget that your choice of driving school is above all a question of feeling. If a school seems likeable to you and you trust its instructors, it’s probably a good option for you. Feel free to form your own opinion and trust your intuition.

By applying all these tips, no doubt, you will come across the best driving school in Quebec. And if you want to speed things up, you can also check out our prices and start your driver training today. Good luck!