How to easily renew your learner’s permit in Quebec

November 30, 2023

The learner’s permit is a crucial step in the journey of every Quebec driver. It represents the beginning of an adventure towards autonomy behind the wheel. As the expiration date of your permit approaches, it is essential to know the steps for an effective and hassle-free renewal.

Understanding the Learner’s Permit in Quebec

In Quebec, the learner’s permit is issued to new drivers and serves as a stepping stone to the probationary license, then to the regular license, class 5. This permit allows driving under certain conditions, thus framing the safe learning of driving. Its validity is generally 12 months, offering enough time to acquire the necessary experience on the road.

  • Conditions of Obtaining: To obtain a learner’s permit in Quebec, the candidate must be at least 16 years old and pass an eye exam as well as a theoretical test on the rules of the road and traffic signs. Parental consent is required for minors.
  • Mandatory Training: Candidates must take a driving course approved by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). This course includes theoretical and practical training.
  • Accompaniment by an Experienced Driver: When driving with a learner’s permit, it is mandatory to be accompanied by a driver with at least 2 years of driving experience, who can intervene or give advice if necessary.
  • Restrictions: Holders of a learner’s permit in Quebec are subject to certain restrictions, such as the prohibition to drive between midnight and 5 a.m. and the obligation to maintain a zero blood alcohol level.
  • Transition to the Probationary License: After a minimum period of 12 months with the learner’s permit, candidates can take the practical driving test to obtain the probationary license. This step involves an evaluation of driving skills in real conditions.
  • Points of Incompetence and Sanctions: Holders of a learner’s permit are subject to a system of demerit points. Accumulating too many points can lead to sanctions or suspension of the permit.
  • Importance of Safety and Responsibility: The learner’s permit period is a critical time to learn and integrate good driving practices, with an emphasis on road safety and personal responsibility.


The Right Time to Renew Your Learner’s Permit

The renewal of your learner’s permit should ideally begin a few weeks before its expiration date. Waiting until the last minute could lead to a period without a valid permit, which would limit your ability to drive and practice. The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) is the organization to contact to start this process.

Practical Tips for Renewal

To renew your learner’s permit, you will need to:

  • Check the Expiration Date: Make sure you know the exact expiration date of your current permit.
  • Gather the Necessary Documents: Prepare your current permit, a proof of identity, and the renewal fee payment letter.
  • Visit a SAAQ Service Center: It is recommended to make an appointment to avoid long waits.
  • Pay the Renewal Fees: These fees are required for the continuation of your apprentice driver status.


Tips for Effective Renewal

  • Plan Ahead : Mark your calendar a few weeks before the expiration to start the procedures.
  • Check Online : Use the SAAQ website to check if steps can be completed online, thus saving time.



Renewing your learner’s permit is a simple but essential step to continue your driving learning journey in Quebec. By following these steps and tips, you can ensure a smooth renewal and maintain your progression towards the probationary license.