Driving license in Montreal, what cost should you expect in 2024?

February 15, 2024

Obtaining a driver’s license in Montreal is an important rite of passage that offers not only greater freedom of movement but also access to new opportunities. However, the process can come with several costs that future drivers need to anticipate. In 2024, planning your budget for your driver’s license in Montreal requires a detailed understanding of the various fees involved.


Driving school registration fees

The first step towards obtaining your driver’s license often starts with enrolling in a driving school. In Montreal, the average cost of theoretical and practical courses can vary depending on the school chosen and the packages offered. Generally, future drivers can expect to spend between $900 and $1,300 for a complete program, which includes both classroom courses and driving hours.


SAAQ exams

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) is responsible for administering the exams necessary to obtain a driver’s license. In 2024, the fees for the theoretical exam are about $12.80, while the practical exam costs about $32. It’s also important to budget for additional costs, such as renting a vehicle for the practical exam, if necessary.


Administrative fees

Opening a file at the SAAQ, necessary to start the process of obtaining a license, involves administrative fees. The cost of the learner’s permit is about $81.06 in 2024. While the cost of the probationary license is $58.10 for 24 months.


Purchasing educational materials

Although some driving schools provide the necessary educational material, either as an inclusion or a promotion, some students prefer to buy additional resources to enhance their learning. Books, online materials, and mobile apps can represent an additional cost of $50 to $150.


Refresher courses

For some drivers, refresher courses may be necessary to feel confident behind the wheel or to increase their chances of passing the exams. These additional courses can add several hundred dollars to the total cost depending on the number of hours selected. At École de Conduite Somerled, we offer refresher courses for all levels, in all seasons.


Class 5 driver’s license

Moving from the probationary license to the permanent driving license (class 5) involves additional fees, amounting to $37.90 / year.


Car insurance

One of the most significant costs for new drivers is car insurance. Premiums can be particularly high for those who have just obtained their license, due to their lack of experience. It is crucial to shop around to find the best deals and consider options like defensive driving courses to reduce costs.


Saving on training costs

There are several ways to reduce expenses related to obtaining a driver’s license, including choosing comprehensive training packages, taking advantage of promotions offered by driving schools, and practicing with friends or family members to reduce the number of hours of refresher driving.


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get a driver’s license in Montreal?

The process of obtaining a driver’s license in Montreal, within the Quebec system, generally takes between 12 to 18 months. This timeframe includes enrolling in an approved driving course, the learning period with a learner’s permit that begins after passing part of the theoretical course, and the need to complete a minimum practice period of 12 months before being eligible to take the final theoretical and practical exams. The exact duration can vary depending on how quickly the individual completes the courses and passes the exams.

Can I take the practical exam with my own car?

Yes, in Quebec, you can generally take the practical driving exam with your own car, provided that the vehicle meets certain safety and insurance criteria. The vehicle must be in good mechanical condition, clean, and insured. Additionally, it must be equipped with all required controls and safety equipment. Before the exam, the examiner will check the condition of the vehicle to ensure it is suitable for the driving test. It’s important to check with the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) or the examination center for the exact specifications and necessary documents before scheduling the practical exam with your own car.

What are the best ways to prepare for the theoretical exam?

To prepare effectively for the theoretical driving exam in Quebec, it is essential to start with a thorough study of the SAAQ’s Driver’s Guide, which is the main source of information on road rules and safe driving practices. Complementing this study with online or classroom theoretical courses can structure learning, while using apps and websites that offer practice quizzes helps assess your knowledge in a format similar to the exam. Regular review, including learning traffic signs and participating in study groups, can also enhance understanding and retention. Methodical and diversified preparation significantly increases the chances of passing the theoretical exam.

How can I reduce my insurance premiums as a new driver?

To reduce insurance premiums as a new driver, consider taking a recognized driving course to qualify for discounts from insurers, choose a vehicle that is cheaper to insure, increase your deductible to lower your premiums, and inquire about all possible discounts, such as those for good students or for having safety devices in your vehicle. It’s also wise to bundle your insurances with the same insurer, maintain a good driving record, consider usage-based insurance if your mileage is low, and always compare offers from multiple insurance companies. These strategies can significantly reduce insurance costs for new drivers, while ensuring adequate coverage.



Financially planning for obtaining your driver’s license in Montreal in 2024 is essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises. By accounting for the various associated fees, from enrolling in driving school to car insurance, you can better manage your budget and focus on your goal: becoming a competent and safe driver.